D&AD Student brief
Whisky Packaging and Branding brief provided by DesignBridge
In this brief it was required to come up with a new Scottish Whisky brand including the packaging. The brand must be completely original and include none of the traditional Scottish imagery commonly found on whisky branding. The brand must appeal to a new generation of drinkers first and foremost the international female market but not exclusively. It must also be extremely premium at around £50-60 a bottle.

My idea centres around a historic tale about a woman called Black Agnes who protected her castle home from the English Army. The spirit of Black Agnes impressed and inspired me to create it into a strong, female whisky brand with aspects that everyone could relate to. My choice of design was fairly minimal in order to convey a premium element but also the calm nature of Agnes' charm. I chose spot-varnish decoration on black card of chaotic brick shapes in a geometric pattern to juxtapose the old and the new in order to modernise the brand. Alongside the pattern I have used ribbon, more specifically on the bottle, but also complimenting various packaging elements to the design as well. I have done this in order to represent Agnes and her spirit. Lastly, the logo is in cracked silver foil to add a sense of quality and age.
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